Kyle Wentworth has made a career out of improving technology departments. After service in the US Army as an Information Systems Security Officer, Kyle was recruited by the Department of Energy for the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

This service will greatly help busy CEOs that want a finely tuned tech and IT department. It provides peace of mind while implementing the tools for growth and productivity”

— Kyle Wentworth, Owner, Wentworth Consulting Group

Kyle founded Wentworth Consulting Group, drawing from his expertise as a business process model improvement expert specifically in the technology and IT departments. Kyle specializes in providing highly qualified talent for the role of Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Information Security Officer. His service helps CEOs get back to running their companies instead of trying to manage highly technical departments.

In an increasingly digital world, the roles of the CTO, CISO, and CIO have become integral to the success and security of IT departments. While the CTO focuses on technology strategy and innovation, the CISO ensures the protection of critical assets, and the CIO manages IT operations and drives digital transformation. Together, these roles work in harmony to ensure the organization harnesses technology effectively, safeguards sensitive data, and achieves its business objectives in a secure and efficient manner.

The new rollout service includes complete department analysis and diagnostic, a process improvement audit, and a detailed action plan for growth, distraction mitigation, and productivity boosts.

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