Business Process Modelling

Business Process Modeling (BPM) and Worker Process Modeling (WPM) define the fundamentals of what make your business operate. Your BPM defines the overall outline of every aspect of your business. The WPM provides the operational step-by-step actions taken to carry out the operations defined in the BPM. Together, these process are the foundation of what we call the Application Process Model (APM).

An APM is created by taking the BPM and WPM and defining all of the automatable and manual operations within them. Face it, today I cannot use technology to put the gas in my car. That is a manual process. However, someday that may change.

All three of these models are living documents and processes that keep your business alive and operational. They must define ownership and be maintained with a continuous improvement mindset. They must be the final say in who is responsible, who performs a task, and how each process is performed and measured. And, if they are wrong, outdated or inefficient, they must be updated.

… and there is a process for that too.

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