I feel like Sherlock Holmes sometimes. As a visibility expert, people bring me “cases” and I have to creatively figure out how to get them more visible and seen online.

It’s easy when they have a simple industry.

Ted Fox? Fixes Pontiacs and classic cars. Simple

Mike Peterson? Creates handmade knives on a forge. Piece of cake.

Doug Berry? Writes awesome kid’s books about Jasper the Rabbit. Voila, on the news three times.

Kyle? Provides fractional technology department staffing for the roles of CIO, CTO, CISO, as well as stays abreast of software optimization and ever evolving tech needs over the duration of a company’s business growth.


It took four phone calls just for my autistic brain to wrap my head around this. No wonder he reached out.

Kyle is literally so advanced that it’s difficult to speak the language of his customer.

Fortunately, I was a technical writer for ten years. I essentially took documents at the scientist/engineering level and translated them to about a 10th grade level so they could be understood by 18 year old Army troops or foreign nationals. (Not a dig at the US Army, you guys are awesome, that was literally the instructions given by my boss).

So here is what we did and this can be used for ANY niche that is unique.

1. Isolate what the client does in about 2-3 sentences even if its hard.

This will help for marketing materials, articles, media interviews, and general communication. No matter how complicated someone’s niche is: DUMB IT DOWN. PLAIN ENGLISH.

2. Find out where the clients are.

Kyle’s clients will come from 2 places: Tech media and Linkedin. He has a FB too, but that’s a secondary. Over time, Kyle will build an audience and optimize social media. If we can create strong content that’s eye catching and well written, eventually Kyle will attract his dream clients.

3. Create an online presence.

We created a multi step workup for Kyle’s online presence. We featured him in SHIFT Magazine, then interviewed him on the Brett Davis Podcast so people can read and listen to his story. We have started a database of tech reporters and magazines plus we are creating tech articles to get his name out there.

This Reddit article we cowrote got 1.4k views already: LINK

Odds are slim for regular news coverage because of the uniqueness of the niche BUT that means that he’s far more likely to get on the tech section of higher end media shows or in a tech mag like Wired.

This won’t happen overnight. But we are off to a good start. Remember that the MORE niche your client is, the more creativity will be required to get them highly visible.