Kyle Wentworth of Wentworth Consulting Group joined Felicia to compare/contrast three C-suite level IT/IS related roles.

Kyle has 35 years of business experience and has been working on computers since 1976. He is a:

  • Fractional CTO
  • Business coach
  • Business process modeler

Kyle has a great resource on his website to help people understand the differences between these C-suite roles.

Listen to the podcast for some Kyle truth bombs such as:

“Technology runs your business. You don’t. We facilitate technology to run our business. IT is the most critical function of your business.”

“Technology is harder to manage than brain surgery. Then why are you having conversations with technologists? Technology footprint is harder to identify and manage than brain surgery.”

We talked about Felicia’s hot button which is a lack of a quality, enforced procurement policy.

“The reason you give someone the ability to purchase the product is because you don’t understanding why they should NOT buy it.”